Rene Magritte The Lovers II 1928

What happens when a fifty-something woman re-enters the dating world after a 20-year marriage at the same time a global pandemic changes everything…

There’s a parable about a man who prays daily to God to win the lottery. Unfortunately, he dies without ever winning anything. In heaven he goes to God saying ‘God, why didn’t you ever answer my prayers?’ God replied ‘My son, I tried many times, but you never bought a lottery ticket.’

I’m certain in my heart of hearts that the kind of man who would spark my romantic attention will not be found on a dating site. So, for reasons which have little to do with actually finding romance online, I decide to join a dating site. Am I…

If you’re a fan of sushi, you’re familiar with the sticky Japonica rice that’s an integral part of it. It’s the backdrop to the theatre of sushi, the taste canvas that shows off the exquisite cuts of fish, but a new awareness is emerging. Contrary to what you may think, there’s a whole world of Japanese rice that’s been invisible to us, until now.

When Asian cuisine restaurant, SEPIAL’S KITCHEN announced they were hosting a Japanese rice tasting workshop I thought it was odd. …

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We tell ourselves and others stories every day. Many of us are increasingly aware of the inherent belief systems (or deeper story) that stand behind our stories; less talked about is the hidden power that’s embedded inside the individual words we use.

We forget the powerful creative power words have. The way we use every day words has become as invisible to us as the air we breathe; it’s there but we hardly notice it. This ‘not noticing’ is a key factor when it comes to our culture — maintaining the status quo depends upon you and I not noticing.

As an example, here’s a list of words and phrases we use on a regular basis when describing our business activities:

Belonging to the company
Marketing campaign
off the competition
The battle for market share
Strategy sessions
New regime…

I’ve been thinking about what influences the way we tell our stories — in business as well as the every-day life stories we tell our families, friends and ourselves. In my work as a writer, I’m always looking for a better way to use words, to express the message I want to convey. But what power turns words into seeds that take root and grow into fresh ideas that flourish? How do we move people to buy our product, choose our service, read our work? …

Photo by Rafixx |Pixabay Edited by Cian Small

12 years ago, I left a secure, well paid corporate job in search of something I had no idea how to describe. I didn’t know what it would look or feel like, all I knew was that my heart would shrivel and my soul would perish if I stayed in that corporate a minute longer.

Today I’m privileged to work with some incredible organisations. We’re either offering a service, product or art that helps others live richer, more diverse, healthier, happier lives. So what changed? Everything, and things haven’t stopped changing since.

We’re living in a time The Futures School

‘The Bathhouse Women’ 1790s Torii Kiyonaga

There is nothing quite like getting naked with a stranger.

Which is what I’m about to do in Sky Town, the heart of Nagoya Centrair Airport although I don’t know it yet. I’ve arrived in Japan to join a small writing group travelling round rural Japan and we are meeting for the first time. Our writing course leader, Andy has decided that our first introduction to Japanese culture will be the Miya-No-Yu Sento (Japanese public baths) overlooking the airport runway. The baths are segregated and the two men in our group have already disappeared through the blue noren whilst we…

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writer | potter | re-emerging jazz singer | mother living in Cape Town. Woman on the move in her Freedom Years. Considering what next, where to and with whom...

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